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What is the best GPS?

Getting there safe and sound, fast and easy is a phrase often found on American driver’s lips. It’s only natural to drive with ease around the country or in various towns without getting mad about traffic or poor indicators. Well, this is where the revolutionary GPS (Global Positioning System) comes to lend a helping hand any moment of the ride. As thousands of drivers pointed out, every person that has a car should invest in a reliable GPS, capable of delivering precise indications during rides. This is probably the reason; the market has a strong offer of GPS models. How to find the best GPS? Well, answering this question will come easily once you read the present GPS buying guide, drafted by professionals and correlating data from thousands of drivers. It can be pretty difficult to find the right GPS model without the right guidance. This particular category of electronic devices has matured in a blossoming technical offer.

Before you start selecting a particular product, it’s important to know that there are certain features which need to be present on your next GPS. Type or size of the display, live traffic option, lifetime map updates, precise directions and battery life need to be on your mind when you decide to invest in a GPS.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Display Size Price Battery Life Lifetime map updates Customer Rating Where to buy

Garmin nuvi 2597LMT

5 inches $$$ 2h Free A+ AMAZON

Garmin nüvi 52LM

5 inches $$ 2h Free A AMAZON

TomTom 1605TM

6 inches $$$ 3h Free B AMAZON

Magellan 1700LM

7 inches $$$ 30min Free B AMAZON

Rand McNally RVND 7720

7 inches $$$$$ 1h Free B AMAZON


How to find the best GPS?


Let’s get down to basics and understand more about the GPS functionality. Choosing the right model will be easier once you know a couple of things. Screen size is very important to a GPS because it allows you to see better the data. Today, most drivers prefer 5 inches display GPS because they provide the right visual room for stabile indications. There are a couple of special brands that are best known for their functionality: Garmin nuvi, TomTom VIA or Magellan RoadMate. Furthermore the current top rated GPS models come preloaded with thousands of maps for United States of America and Canada, which helps you get to your destination with ease. Furthermore if you desire additional maps all you need to do is update your GPS. You will be able to safely drive to Mexico, Puerto Rico or any other country in Europe without any problems whatsoever.


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There are advanced models of GPS that come with integrated POI (Points of Interest) database which you can access to find restaurants, dinners, stores, auto body shops, tourist attractions and many others. Another important feature present on top rated GPS models is live traffic and data streaming, a feature that will help you avoid traffic jams with ease. No more tardiness or excuses at work! Use the GPS to guide you through thousands of cars and determine the best route. There are also some devices with Bluetooth calling feature, a sort of phone interface that gives you the possibility to connect with friends and family members at ease. This particular feature should be present on mid and high-end GPS models, which cost a few extra bucks.

You should know exactly which are the primary and extended features of the top products, ideal to be equipped on your car. Time to choose the right GPS for your vehicle! Drive without worries to any part of the country with ease! Reading this buying guide was your first contact with professional information on some of the best tips towards GPS functionality.

Top rated GPS in 2014



Garmin Dezl 760LMT Bluetooth Tracking GPS


2Does your truck need a new GPS? If that’s the case, then our team of experts recommends investing in Garmin Dezl 760LMT tracking GPS. The 7 inch color display won’t have any trouble in supporting an 800 x 480 resolution, so you have a clear view of all the necessary data. Program it to be aware of your cargo, showing you the routes you are allowed to take within the US and Canada. It’s able to alert you of road restrictions, thus you will always take the correct route. As a bonus, the GPS comes with lifetime map and traffic updates, each one of them free.

“I had no idea the upgrades were free and this makes me even more delighted that I have it in my truck. It has made life a whole lot easier and I always manage to stay on the right road when I am transporting hazardous waste. I am sure it’s one of the best GPS 2014.” – J.G. Toupin

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Garmin nuvi 2597LMT 5-inch portable vehicle GPS


Every American with a car discovered the great help provided by high quality GPS systems along the road. Today, you have the possibility to choose and use with complete confidence Garmin nuvi 2597LMT portable GPS, which can become a great personal assistant during any drive. As one of the top rated GPS in 2014, this model from Garmin is very easy to use and comes with a touchscreen interface that gives better results during drives. It includes Garmin Real directions and Real Voice guide, through tones of maps with recognizable landmarks and buildings. You should also know that the device has PhotoReal and Bird’s Eye junction views, which offers detailed images of the route at hand.

Today, in my opinion, every car should have a reliable GPS system around, capable of aiding drivers along the road. With 2597LMT from Garmin nuvi I managed to significantly improve the way I drive and gained a lot of free time. This is why I recommend people to use without reservations this particular model, anytime and anywhere.” – George Fairchild

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TomTom VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition GPS Navigator


3TomTom VIA 1505M is the perfect travel companion, having complete and accurate maps of US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. When you’re on the freeway you can be assisted by the Advance Lane Guidance System which will point you the correct lane. The GPS is also fitted with IQ Routes system, guaranteeing the best routes to your destination. The 5 inch touchscreen display will show you clearly the names of the streets you are on or the exit you have to take to get off the freeway. Finally, this GPS also comes with lifetime map upgrades, completely free of charge.

“The best GPS reviews led me to this model and I am very grateful I took their advice because it has come to my aid on more than one occasion. I have even taken it to Mexico for the family vacation and it was very accurate, letting me know always which street I was on.” – Tabatha Clements

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Garmin nüvi 52LM GPS


Best GPS ratings Having a good GPS navigator can be like a beacon of light in total darkness! And here is one, perfect for your needs. Ergonomically designed with a diagonal 5-inch touch screen color display and user friendly interface, has placed it high in the lists of the best GPS reviews in 2014. Easily mountable on the car’s suction cup, the device can give directions and also shows lanes with clear and updated junction views. The brightly colored arrow leads will hardly let you misplace your path. It also has pre-installed maps of the 49 states of America and free lifetime updates. Moreover the Garmin Express also enables the device to update its software and maps.

“When I think of Garmin, I automatically picture a quality GPS. Based on this belief I bought the 52LM GPS model from them and it works extremely well, helping me a lot in traffic. So far through the cities, the maps were very exact, making me recommend it to other drivers.” – Matt Clifford

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Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS


1Garmin is the world’s leading GPS manufacturer and the new Nuvi 3597LMTHD is proof of the high standard set by this brand. The 5 inch display will support high resolutions, making sure you will see clearly the route to your destination. Your smartphone, whether it uses Android or iOS, can easily connect to this GPS thanks to the Smartphone Link app. You even have the option of switching on the voice-activated navigation for assistance. This GPS also comes with a lifetime HD Digital Traffic, free of charge, which will always update your North American detailed maps.

“I consider this model to be one of the best GPS 2014, if not actually the best. At least it’s the most complete GPS I have ever used. I have placed my faith in its ability to navigate and I have always reached my destination in time and without hassle.” – Christopher J. White

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TomTom 1605TM GPS


Top rated GPS in 2014If you have a car and love to visit the country side or go for long drives searching for interesting places on your path, get yourself this product because it is one of the most praised GPS navigators in the market today. Available in an eye-friendly 6-inch touch screen, your TomTom digital maps have been updated, bigger and clearer. Besides its 24/7 roadside assistance has also helped the device to become a well sought device. In addition, the device also features pre-installed but updatable maps of Canada, USA and Mexico. So just what can be better than having the top rated GPS in 2014, from the manufacturer which has the best digital maps for drivers?

“Reading reviewes before you buy something really helps. I learned this lesson when I bought this GPS because even before I bought it, I knew what to expect from it. Everything the reviews were saying was true and now I easily navigate through any new place my travels take me to.” – Bobby Hunter

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Magellan 1700LM GPS


Once you buy a Magellan, you’ll become a fan for life. This device has taken a place amongst the best Garmin GPS reviews and that also for a reason. It’s user-friendly screen size, easy mounting options, lifetime free updates on maps; all make this device highly recommended for professional truckers, adventurers, long drive lovers etc. The touch screen GPS device also has the most helpful voice instructions with detailed maps and lanes, to find out your desired destination. Another interesting feature of this device is that it can even run without being plugged in for 30 minutes. Actually the frill-free device will just do what it is supposed to do.

“Having a GPS nowadays is essential for any vehicle and from my experience with it, I recommend to drivers all over the US, the Magellan 1700LM GPS. It helps me easily navigate through roads or places I have never been to, making me not waste time to reach my destination.” – Will Carrol

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Rand McNally RVND 7720 GPS


It’s dynamic and it’s huge! This 7-inch GPS navigator from the lists of the best GPS reviews in 2014 is surely one of the best available out there. Just imagine its customizable RV routing settings with 11 different types, loud and clear instruction sound, ergonomic structure, and high resolution screen with 3D junction viewing facilities; then you will instantly understand why it has been named amongst the best. Out there on the road you need some live instant weather updates? Well, its Wi-Fi connection system will surely give you the most current weather data, including accurate forecasts as well. However it has other features, i.e. pre-installed information on millions of travel destinations, fuel log checklist, video input compatibility also has earned the GPS device its spot.

“I saw the size of the its display and I was convinced that buying this Rand McNally GPS would help me know all the time where I am and the shortest route to where I’m going. It even has Wi-Fi and with it I can check the weather forecast for the area in intend to go to. This is a very useful GPS.” – Samantha Flynt

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Cobra PRO 7600 GPS


For all those truckers out there, here is a GPS navigator especially designed for you. Whether you have a straight truck or single/double trailer; this device has 12 truck types of routing capability. Besides it is slim, with a 7-inch sensitive touch screen, lightweight, supporting a high resolution and user friendly. The creators of this device also boast of its excellent speakers and understandable voice directives. Being one of the highly recommended GPS machines, this device is also programmed to show detailed junctions, destination information, upcoming fuel stations/mile marker, and has its own protection alert system on driving hazards, upcoming dangerous turning/intersections, AURA camera etc.

“I am very happy with how the Cobra PRO 7600 GPS functions and shows me the easiest way to get to the place I want to reach. The menu is very easy to learn , I have no problems navigating through it and accessing its features.” – Ben Lanchester

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